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Shihmen Management Office

Shihmen Management Office


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It is a pleasure to receive your e-mail.

The Internet is the quickest and most convenient channel to communicate with the government. Through your emails we better understand public opinion and can also use this opportunity to review areas where improvements are needed.

In the process of realizing and jointly building a better vision for the country, public participation is invaluable. I sincerely hope you will provide your valuable opinions. Thank you!

Please carefully read the following instructions before submitting a message:

If the message is intended to be confidential, please mail it to the Irrigation Agency in written form and indicate by writing the word "Confidential" on it.

1. In order to ensure that your email address has not been fraudulently used by others you will be asked to confirm that you received a reply from the Irrigation Agency. Please click "Verify Email" after entering your email address and then go to your email inbox to receive a verification email and complete the confirmation. If you do not receive the "Verification Email," check the "Spam Folder." If a letter is not confirmed it will not be accepted by the Irrigation Agency.

2. Following the implementation of the Personal Data Protection Act on October 1, 2012, this mailbox will not arbitrarily provide your personal data to others for use without your consent other than where necessary for official operations. However, because administrative agencies have statutory duties and professional division of labor, if the content of your letter involves the operations of other competent agencies, it will be transferred to the authorities for processing and reply. Therefore, your basic personal information (including name, contact telephone, contact address, e-mail address), and the content of the e-mail will be forwarded to the relevant authorities.

3. In order to effectively use government administrative resources, please confirm the content of the message in advance. In order to be able to contact you and better understand the case, if it is involves reporting an offense please use your real name. Any reports of offenses without specific content or that include malicious attacks and abuse, the reposting of information circulating on the Internet or unknown URLs, will not be handled by the Irrigation Agency. If the content of the message violates the law, the sender is legally responsible for their behavior.

4. If you wish to keep your identity or the content of the reported offense confidential, based on considerations of information security risks report should be submitted in writing in accordance with Paragraph 2, Article 62 of the "Document Processing Manual" and Point 27 of the "Key Points of Information Security Management of the Executive Yuan and its Subsidiaries." Reports of offenses should be submitted in written form, stamped with the word "Confidential" and mailed to the office (No. 68, Sec. 2, Yanping Rd., Pingzhen Dist., Taoyuan City 324). The agency will transfer such messages to the relevant authority depending on the determination of responsibility.

5. For a single incident, if there is no new evidence but repeated mail is received, the agency will consolidate the mail without sending further notice.

Article 173 of the Administrative Procedure Act: In any of the following circumstances, a petition may be left unattended:

1. Where the petition has no concrete substance or does not give a real name or address.

2. Where the petition repeats claims relating to a matter that has been appropriately dealt with and clearly answered.

3. Where the authority receiving the petition is not competent to deal with the subject matter of the petition and the petitioner is found to have filed similar petitions with different authorities regarding the same matter.