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Shihmen Management Office

Shihmen Management Office


Water quality management

Waterway arrangement application principles

Application purpose

  • Article 14 of the Irrigation Act
  • Articles 17 to 22 of the Regulations for Farmland Irrigation and Drainage Management


Channel type: Irrigation dedicated channels

Application approval criteria:

The principle is to prohibit the discharge of non-farmland drainage water


Channel type: Farmland drainage channels

Application approval criteria:

With or without irrigation requirements, water is required to meet irrigation water quality benchmark values for control and quality.

Each management office under this office conducts irrigation water quality monitoring every two months. The monitored items are water temperature, pH value and conductivity. The pH value and conductivity detection value should meet the maximum irrigation water quality benchmark values. The pH value limit is 6.0-9.0, and the conductivity limit is 750μS/cm@25℃. If the test results exceed these limits, the office takes measures to improve management in accordance with regulations.

Water quality monitoring and management
Monitoring station

The office is the main monitoring station, with 6 workstations operating as local monitoring stations.

Currently, a total of 60 water quality monitoring points have been set up in various lateral canals and sub-lateral canals at local monitoring stations throughout the irrigation area. Water is regularly collected and inspected at least once every two months, and the inspection results are published on the official website to better control the quality of irrigation water and provide excellent irrigation water sources.

Water quality testing laboratory


Automatic water quality monitoring and reporting

The office has installed two automatic water quality monitoring and reporting systems "downstream on Yuanshulin Lateral Canal" and "mid-stream on Qiejuan River" which monitor water quality conditions around the clock.

Last Updated:2024/01/08