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Information Security Policy

I. Preface

The Irrigation Agency, Ministry of Agriculture (hereinafter referred to as the Agency) absolutely respects and protects your security and privacy when using the Internet. In order to help you understand how the "Irrigation Agency Global Information Network" (hereinafter referred to as the Information Network) ensures data security when you use services provided by the Information Network, the agency drafted the Irrigation Agency Global Information Network Information Security Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy). Please read the following instructions carefully and if you have any comments or questions contact us through the Chief Mailbox.

II. Policy requirements

In order to ensure the confidentiality, authenticity and availability of the Information Network, and to ensure the continued provision of services to all users, the Information Network adopts the following measures:

  1. Employment of a network intrusion detection system to monitor network traffic and identify unauthorized uploads, changes to web page information, or sabotage.
  2. Installation of a firewall to prevent illegal intrusion, destruction or theft of information, to avoid illegal use of the website and protect the rights and interests of users.
  3. Installation of anti-virus software and regular scans for viruses to provide users with a safer web browsing environment.
  4. Simulation of occasional hacker attacks, system recovery drills when security incidents occur and provision of appropriate security defenses.
  5. Daily backup operations to ensure all data is backed up to a backup host.
  6. Automatic receipt of security maintenance e-mail notices from the relevant operating system vendors or application vendors, and installation of appropriate PATCHES as suggested according to related e-mails.
  7. The Agency reminds users that any unauthorized attempt to upload or modify the services and related information provided by the Information Network is strictly prohibited and may violate the law.

III. Personalized Service Settings

In order to provide better personalized services, determine visitor numbers and analyze browsing patterns, the personalized settings of the Information Network are written and read certain information (cookies) from the user's hard drive through the browser. Visitors can choose to modify their browser's acceptance of cookies. However, if a visitor chooses to reject all cookies, he/she may not be able to use some personalized services or participate in certain activities.

IV. Modification of information security policy

Due to the rapid development of technology, relevant laws and regulations are not yet sufficiently comprehensive and there could be unpredictable environmental changes in the future. The Agency will revise the Policy statement as necessary to ensure visitors can use the site securely.

Last Updated:2024/02/26