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Shihmen Management Office

Shihmen Management Office



The office was restructured as a public authority on October 1, 2020. Its main responsibilities and tasks are as follows:

  1. Improve the construction, maintenance and management of irrigation projects
  2. Stable supply of irrigation water for agricultural development
  3. Expansion of irrigation service coverage
  4. Maintenance of agricultural production and enhancement of agricultural land utilization value
Future difficulties and challenges faced by the Management Office

The most important issue is the shortage of agricultural water. Due to the increase in population and industrial development in Taoyuan, the water needed to meet the needs of daily life and industry seriously impacts the supply of agricultural water.

In response to the water shortage, this office works with the Ministry of Agriculture to implement various policies.

Short term strategy
  • Teaching farmers water-saving techniques
  • Facilitating the setting up pipeline of irrigation facilities
Mid-term strategy
  • Enhancing the construction of water diversion and storage facilities
  • Teaching farmers precision irrigation
Long term strategy
  • Build smart irrigation systems
  • Effectively save water resources
Future Prospects

The office is committed to cooperating with the government's agricultural policies, standing together with farmers, stabilizing the supply of irrigation water, maintaining agricultural production, increasing the use value of farmland, responding to internal and external environmental challenges, creating resilient agriculture, and allowing Taiwan's agricultural sector to develop sustainably.

Last Updated:2023/11/01